Chrisitan interracial dating

21-Oct-2017 17:10

I have "my" copy and my "loan" copy because this book will serve as an important resource to help me answer my children's questions as well as the questions of those in our circle of influence.

I consider it to be one of the most useful additions to my personal library.

I laughed out loud while being given excellent advice on how to respond to the curious, and I wept with a Native American brother as his layers of anger were peeled away...

I appreciated the authors just calling prejudice what it is so that we all can DEAL with it, and move on to live more meaningful lives.

This book claims the lighter the skin color the higher the price of female slaves.

That's false skilled female slaves were worth the most. There are few light skin biracial/black and dark skin black young adult couples in Philly.

While the book focuses primarily on interracial relationships, I interchange this term with inter-cultural b/c it also address this dynamic as well.

Clearly, the most thorough experience covered is black-white marriage, but I found much that translated to our experience even though we're not a black-white couple.

He is an African American, she is a European American Craig S.

Also helps deal with Christian family members against your relationship, especially parents; goes fairly in-depth into the issue of "Honor thy Father and Mother" (haven't we all heard THAT one.) That being said I highly recommend the second half to anyone.