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08-Jul-2017 08:10

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Zoosk is now the largest dating application on Facebook, with more than 5 million users on a monthly basis, and the Zoosk Facebook page has more than 12.4 million Likes.

More than 70% of Zoosk users opt in and connect their Facebook accounts.

Almost half (48%) of China’s population is between 25 and 54 years old.9 The Elderly Rights and Security Law states that the care for elderly parents is the responsibility of adult children, even though many employers are limiting the flexibility of caregivers.10 The divorce rate has been on the rise, from 1.1% in 2003 to 3.0% in 2016 (an increase of over 170%).19 72% of mothers between 25 and 34 years of age with children under the age of six were employed in 2010.21 is the % of female post secondary education accurate? source=education-statistics-~-all-indicators this article, it says there are 23.4% of women in state council, the highest rate ever in Chinese history, and it is pretty unfair to state Politburo Standing Committee gender ratio because there are only 9 people.

this chart, from the source listed suggests otherwise. Also, in 2015, according to another stats, there are 45% of employees are women, and 55% of online entrepreneurs are women these data could help Thank you for the sources and your feedback.

About.com’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards named Zoosk’s i Phone app a finalist in its Best Dating App competition.A quick look at the stats says everything you need to know about why Zoosk is an industry leader.The site is available in 25 languages and has subscribers all around the world.This results in better matches for singles on Zoosk.

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The Behavioral Matchmaking engine suggests potential matches through three discovery tools: Of course, Behavioral Matchmaking isn’t the only thing that makes the Zoosk experience unique.It ranks number two in average monthly US traffic data, second only to

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