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22-Nov-2017 18:56

You can drink and have fun, certainly, but remain in control. Do you want to be popular with this person just for , or also when he or she is sober and making good decisions tomorrow and the next day?

And don’t be above being a bit of a tease: You can hang out with a guy or girl at the bar as if you might go home with them, and then say—give me your number I’ll call you tomorrow.

But the arguments for chastity aren’t, “don’t do it,” “sex is dirty”—they are about valuing yourself, protecting yourself from making premature commitments and keeping sacred the sexual union for marriage.

“If you know you want to marry someone, does that make it more OK to have sex before marriage? Because if you know that you love someone and that you’re going to be sharing the gift of sex with them in a few months, why do you have to wait?

So when the Newman Center invited me to speak to young adult Catholics on these issues, I jumped at the chance.

But real love doesn’t have to be “proven” that way. It requires two people to respect each other and make sacrifices.

If a guy and a girl are really in love, they would certainly not ask each other to assume the risks that go with teenage or premarital sex. It’s one thing for a couple to say “I love you, let’s have sex.” That’s not commitment. Well, the letters are already pouring in from University of Iowa students with more questions based on my talk.

“Does the Church think it’s better to lead a chaste life and that marriage is just a second-best option?

” This is an excellent question—and one that I think a lot of people are confused about.As my husband frequently reminds me, it’s not that you marriage.

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